Accomodation BrĂĽhl



Unfortunately EU|FH does not provide its own student residences but the International Office will help you to source accommodation by making phone calls to landlords in BrĂĽhl, Cologne and its surroundings, if you have not found anything when you arrive in Germany.

Therefore, it might be advisable to come to Brühl two to three weeks before your programme starts in order to look for suitable housing. Please do not worry if finding a place to stay takes a little longer than you expected. We also provide a detailed accommodation guide with your acceptance letter.


Svenja Fillep-KĂĽhn Head of International Office +49 (0)2232/5673-360
Chantal Cowan International Coordinator +49 (0) 2232/5673-370
Cornelia Hermann International Coordinator +49 (0)2232/5673-365