Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Every student in Germany is obliged to have proof of health insurance coverage. As the German healthcare system is one of the best worldwide, medical treatment in Germany can get very expensive. If you prefer to get health insurance in your home country, please keep in mind that health insurances which include limitations regarding medical costs that might occur in the event of an accident or illness or the obligation to provide indemnification are not accepted in Germany. This ensures that students who do not have unlimited coverage but have to go to hospital will not have to pay for medical expenses themselves.

German health insurance providers decide on whether the student’s health insurance is sufficient and can be accepted, not the universities. Therefore, it is advisable to have a travel health insurance for the first days in Germany. After entry, sufficient insurance coverage should be attended to immediately:

Students from EU memberstates:

  • With your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), any medical treatment you require in Germany is basically covered.

International students from outside the EU:

  • Students who are under 30 can take out an insurance with a statutory health insurance provider. The student tariff is about 110 EUR per month. This pays for basic coverage such as the cost of check-ups, treatment for illness or after an accident, and certain medications. General costs for hospital stays are also covered.
  • Alternatively you can take out a private health insurance with a German health insurance company. This will cost approx. 35-40€ per month, students should be aware that they will have to pay for their treatment and medication first and claim the money back from their health insurance afterwards.


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