English Programmes

Semester­ programmes for international students

For international students we offer semester programmes which are designed for bachelor students who would like to study in English.

Key benefits are

  • a personal and welcoming atmosphere
  • small groups with close contact to our professors and lecturers with first-hand business experience
  • Acquisition of full semester workload (30 ECTS)
  • using your intercultural knowledge by working in teams with members from different countries
  • Brühl as ideal starting point to discover Germany and Europe with its location close to Cologne and Bonn with easy access to neighbouring countries like Belgium, The Netherlands or France
  • German course included

Our English Programmes

  • European Business Management

    Today’s managers and employees are expected to consider the similarities and differences of the European member states in their entrepreneurial actions.

    When participating in our three-months “European Business Mangement Programme” international students at EU|FH have the opportunity to obtain political, economic and cultural knowledge about Europe as well as the language skills necessary for their future careers.

    • Semester dates: end of September – end of December
    • The programme is taught entirely in English
    • Nomination deadline:  June 1st
    • Application deadline: July 1st

  • International Innovation Management

    International Innovation Management is a key feature for successful business creation. Today’s employees are expected to develop methods and tools for managing the complex and challenging process of innovation successfully in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams – in the technological area as well as in the business sector.

    International students at EU|FH learn how to link technical knowledge with management skills in an international context and to acquire the language skills required for their future careers.

    • Semester dates: first half of February – end of May
    • The programme is taught entirely in English
    • Perfect combination for business students and those of technical backgrounds
    • Nomination deadline:  October 1st
    • Application deadline: November 1st


Svenja Fillep-Kühn Head of International Office +49 (0)2232/5673-360 s.fillep@eufh.de
Chantal Cowan International Coordinator +49 (0) 2232/5673-370 c.cowan@eufh.de
Cornelia Hermann International Coordinator +49 (0)2232/5673-365 c.hermann@eufh.de