German Programmes


The dual bachelor degree programmes at EU|FH are offered either in a quarter system with alternating three-months periods of stuyding at EU|FH and working in a company or as per our 2plus3 model with two days per week studying at EU|FH and three days per week working in a company.

All programmes are taught in German.

  • Retail Management

    How come Germany is one of the Leading Export Nations? What makes enterprises stand out against competition? And why do we constantly buy new clothes, although our old ones are still perfect?

    Changing consumer behaviour, globalisation and the development of information technology are major challenges the retail industry has to deal with.

    As a future retail manager you will learn everything about

    • the basics of business administration
    • global markets
    • consumer behaviour and customer satisfaction
    • commercial psychology
    • service-orientation
    • working in an international environment
    • being ready to work in marketing or sales, in purchasing or logistics, in controlling or HR.

    For more information, please switch to our German website: Handelsmanagement

  • Industrial Management

    How is the manufacturing industry going to deal with significant changes waiting in the 21st century? What impact will global markets, new economic regions and technical development have on the market?

    As a future industrial manager you will learn everything about

    • the basics of IT and business economics
    • general management techniques
    • structuring and managing industrial business processes for example product development
    • Marketing
    • establishing good relationships with customers and suppliers using modern communication technologies

    For more information, please switch to our German website: Industriemanagement

  • Logistics Management

    How does a supermarket fill its shelves with fresh products from all over the world – at any time ready for consumption?

    Today the efficient management of logistics processes is a crucial factor for business success. Effective product and process innovations depend on the efficient planning and control of material and information flow along the entire supply chain. Logistics managers of today face sophisticated challenges across all industry sectors particularly in the growing logistics service industry.

    As a future logistics manager you will

    • gain comprehensive knowledge in all areas of logistics
    • focus on functional aspects of logistics management as well as industry-specific logistics strategies
    • learn how to plan, co-ordinate and control intra- and inter- company related processes to meet efficiency and effectiveness targets
    • learn how to specify, select and introduce modern information and communication technologies as tools in the optimisation process

    For more information, please switch to our German website: Logistikmanagement

  • Business Information Systems

    The change to the knowledge-based enterprise would be unthinkable without the constant development of modern information and communication technologies in accordance with the specific organisational demands. Business success depends more than ever on efficient processes and IT structures. “IT Professionals” must have fundamental knowledge of both business economics as well as information technology to manage organisational information systems successfully.

    As a future link between IT and Management you will

    • gain fundamental knowledge in business economics and information systems
    • learn how to evaluate the technical and economic performance of IT systems methodologically
    • be enabled to develop organisational information systems and relevant IT solutions

    For more information, please switch to our German website: Wirtschaftsinformatik

  • Business Administration and Engineering

    You would like to identify customers’ needs and provide solutions incorporating a competitive advantage? You are interested in getting to know how to use state-of-the art technology in todays enterprises?

    Global enterprises need sales executives who are able to market complex technical products successfully. The managers of tomorrow must be in command of the kind of technological background that puts them in a position to advise customers competently and comprehensively on the purchase of individual components or even entire systems. An understanding on how technological processes work gives graduates in this field a considerable competitive edge.

    As a future business engineer you will

    • acquire the mix of management skills and technical expertise that is in high demand these days
    • learn about automation and drive technologies and mechanical system components
    • be qualified for a marketing or sales career with a major industrial enterprise
    • be able to think customer-oriented
    • know how to present sales arguments persuasively and yourself in a self-assured way

    For more information, please switch to our German website: Wirtschaftsingenieur

  • General Management 2plus3

    The dual study program “General Management” reveals how to design contemporary business processes and how to ideally combine strategic-conceptional thinking with practical work in a business enterprise. Merging markets, new economic areas and ever more fine-tuned division of labour have brought about unknown strategic challenges for today’s enterprises and their staff. This development has created a more pronounced need for high-performance potentials with excellent qualifications.

    Students may choose one of the following specialisations:

    • Marketing, Media & Event Management
    • Human Resources & Business Psychology
    • International Management
    • Finance & Controlling

    For more information, please switch to our German website: General Management


The part-time bachelor programme allows the students to work full time, but to expand their knowledge and obtain an academic degree at the same time. EU|FH offers a tailor-made part-time study programme which gives students the opportunity to continue their job-related commitment.

This programme is taught in German.

  • General Management part-time

    The part-time study programme “General Management” enables you to combine strategic and conceptual thinking with practical work in a company. Thus, you are learning to design modern business processes successfully. But not only the expert knowledge makes you an indispensable employee for your company, personal skills are just as necessary for a successful career. Therefore, we integrated a soft skills development into the curriculum, such as time management, negotiation techniques, team development and leading techniques.


    For more information, please switch to our German website: General Management (berufsbegleitend)


  • Business Development Management

    The dual Master programme Business Development Management is a unique opportunity for graduates from all disciplines to expand the sound knowledge form their first degree with economic know-how. You will become a sought-after specialist for interdisciplinary market and product development and thereby your career prospects within your company will increase significantly.

    This programme is taught in German.

    For more information, please switch to our German website: Business Development Management


Having completed their bachelor degree, our graduates will start right into work life. However, sometimes the question arises, how the acquainted knowledge can be deepened, differentiated and widened. Master studies prepare young individuals to assume challenging management missions and tasks.

With a bachelor degree from EU|FH students can pursue their master studies at a university or a university of applied sciences in Germany or abroad. EU|FH offers part-time Master programmes, combining the student’s professional activity with the acquisition of further knowledge and a higher qualification within the respective company. Our practice-oriented Master programmes do not require an interruption of the professional activity, but will prepare students for future challenges.

All programmes are taught in German.