About EUFH

EUFH incorporates four distinctive campuses situated in North Rhine-Westphalia:

  • Brühl
  • Neuss
  • Aachen
  • Cologne

Each town and campus has its own individual character, architecture and social-scene. All of them offer you a unique educational experience. Wi-fi is accessible on all our campuses.

EUFH’s main campus is located in Brühl and this is where you will find most of our international students and where our English semester programmes will take place. Brühl is a small city, located between Cologne and Bonn.

We offer programmes at the undergraduate and master’s levels as well as part time degrees. Whatever programme of study you undertake, we know that the close contact to our professors and lecturers as well as great social and cultural activities, facilities and support will bring out the best in your motivation and learning, and help you on the pathway to a successful management career.

Here you will find all practical information you will need to know about:

  • Academic Calendar

    Semester Programmes for international students:

    • European Business Management: end of September – end of December
    • International Innovation Management: middle of February – end of May

    Regular study programmes in German:

    • Quarter 4: October – December
    • Quarter 1: January – March
    • Quarter 2: April – June
    • Quarter 3: July – September

    Please note that you should always arrive at least one week before the official start of the quarter / semester.

  • Cost of Living

    The following calculation is meant to give you a rough idea of your expected living expenses in Germany. It should be mentioned that living expenses in each case will vary depending on the student’s individual lifestyle and local conditions.
    Note that accommodation costs constitute the highest expenses for students in Germany summing up to an average of 35% of their budget.

    • Accommodation (e.g. one room in a shared flat per month) Cologne/Bonn: 380 – 500 €
    • Cologne Metropolitan Area (e.g. Brühl, Hürth etc.): 240 – 400 €
    • Transportation (per semester): 170 €
    • Other monthly expenses (e.g. food, entertainment, travelling etc.) 250 – 400 €
  • Accommodation

    EUFH has no options to provide student housing, but will help students to find accommodation accordingly. However, it is the student’s responsibility to look after proper choices of accommodation.

    EUFH is located in Brühl/Rhineland, which is a small town about 15 km to the south west of Cologne and 20 km to the north of Bonn. Students can therefore easily live in Cologne or Bonn when studying at EUFH, as it can be reached conveniently by train or tramway from the major junctions of Cologne and Bonn.

    Apartments at favourable prices are difficult to find in Cologne and its surroundings. It might therefore be advisable to arrive in Germany two to three weeks beforehand in order to look for  suitable housing. Do not worry if it takes a bit more time than expected.

  • Health Insurance

    Every student in Germany is requested to prove sufficient health cover before getting enrolled at a German study programme. Therefore you can

    • acquire a health insurance in your home country: Make sure it covers all costs that might occur during your stay and is valid for the complete study period
    • get a German health insurance: for example at a reduced rate for students (approx. € 80 per month)
    • EU nationals need the European Health Insurance Card of their home health insurance as valid insurance proof, which has to be taken to the AOK to be recognised accordingly. AOK will provide you with a German health insurance certificate or card.

    AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse)
    Janshof 4-5
    50321 Brühl

    More information can be found here: www.daad.de/deutschland/in-deutschland/regeln/en/8839-health-insurance.

  • Student Experience

    What international students say about their experience of studying at EUFH:

    • “Studying abroad and especially at EUFH was a very memorable time for me! I would recommend EUFH because I had the chance to exchange different point of views and become more tolerant and I expanded my knowledge!
    • “The EBM-programme was very well prepared with interesting and engaging lectures, I wished they had lasted longer!”
    • “It was a great opportunity to experience different cultures and especially to make great friends over the semester!”
    • “The most important experience is that I am not afraid anymore to speak in another language.”
    • “The International Office was very nice and helpul!”
    • “I am very satisfied with the IIM-programme and would highly recommend it to students at my home university.”
    • “I am not nervous to speak in German anymore.”